Developer's benefits, namespace handshake airdrop benefits, $1000 + equivalent bitcoin

Currently, namespace is offering airdrop benefits. Before 20190204, there were more than 16 GitHub fans who could receive the current airdrop value of $ 2000. I thought it was a joke. It looks like a blockchain company is giving benefits to developers. It didn’t take much to see it, it took ten minutes to get it, and then went to bed.

The next day, a group member in the tg group also received this benefit, and then realized 56xx yuan through Alipay. At that time, I was excited. Then I spent some time researching and finally withdrew 52xx yuan.

Overall it’s good, it takes about one to two hours.

Specific steps can refer to the official website:



  • Have a github account
  • Has at least 16 followers as of February 2019
  • The private key at that time is still kept
  • Withdrawal of coins requires verification of identity cards and self-assessment of risks

Simple version

Download the project

git clone

Install dependencies

cd hs-airdrop && npm install
Verify the private key and get the key

./bin/hs-airdrop <private key address> <address> <fee>

Need to wait for some time, in hours.



Because the foreign network is not very good, and ./bin/hs-airdrop needs to download about 50 mb of data from the hs-tree-data repository on github, which will cause the command pointing to time out. So I imported this repository into giteee at

Edit bin / hs-airdrop, add a sentence to print the log of the downloaded file address in the following place, download the corresponding file from the gitee repository and put it in this location.

《Developer's benefits, namespace handshake airdrop benefits, 00 + equivalent bitcoin》

Verify address conversion to Bitcoin

This step requires uploading an ID card, and there is no problem after being verified by a friend, and the risk is assessed by yourself.

Visit console to see received coins


Verify address

Clicking the verification address in the picture will allow you to enter your name and enter whatever you want. The next step is to upload your ID card for verification.

Exchange for Bitcoin

Visit to transfer all the coins you received to the Bitcoin wallet address



I did n’t see the wool this time, I just looked at others
The reason is that I did not use GitHub, I used domestic coding, and it is better to follow the international
Even with GitHub, I do n’t have so many follow
With so many followers, it is also important to keep the private key at that time. Earlier bitcoin player wallets couldn’t be opened.
The execution is stronger. In the 18-year NAS Nebula Developer Incentive Program, a DAPP written casually can earn 5,000 wool, but at the time, his front end was too bad to make a product.



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